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One Redittor Compiled All Possible IDs For RL Grime’s Forthcoming Album

RL Grime has a new album coming out, that much is already known. What most people don’t know is what tracks will be on it…

One for sure that we know of is “Reims,” which came out as a free download via email blast a couple weeks ago.

TheSHACKALACK on reddit took it upon themselves to compile a brief list of all other RL Grime IDs that could potentially be on the album. Unfortunately, “Aurora” likely won’t be on it, but check these out below.

(At 25:41 and 55:18)

Obviously, if all of these are legitimate and make it onto RL Grime’s album, this is going to be one hell of a release.

Photo via RL Grime

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Source: One Redittor Compiled All Possible IDs For RL Grime’s Forthcoming Album

Coca-Cola Introduces New Bottle Design with Detachable Festival Wristbands

In an effort to reconnect with festival goers on their own grounds Coca-Cola launched The Festival Bottle — and it proved to be both cool and effective!

During the soda company’s campaign in Romania, the inventive bottles served up a decorative label that doubled as a wristband to gain access to music events. Developer McCann Bucharest created 8 detachable, scanable designs that became more than a contest — a trendy, pop culture sensation.

With the success of the campaign, we just might see something similar over here in the states! Watch The Festival Bottle recap here!

H/T: Ad Week

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Source: Coca-Cola Introduces New Bottle Design with Detachable Festival Wristbands

DJ Snake Returns To Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram

Nine days ago, DJ Snake cancelled last minute on Hangout Music Festival, and removed his Twitter and Instagram accounts the same day. At the same time, he also put out one last cryptic Snap that read, “You disappointed me,” when translated from his native French to English.

The worry was compounded this past weekend when he also cancelled a scheduled show in Las Vegas.

Since then, fans and even fellow producers have wondered, “Where is Snake?”

Where in the world is @djsnake

— YUNG SLUGZ (@snailmusic) May 22, 2017

At the risk of oversimplifying it, he’s in Paris.

DJ Snake returned to Snapchat today, and shared a picture of a nondescript bridge in Paris. If nothing else, it lets us know that he’s seen people wondering and worrying about him. Perhaps he’s just been vacationing this entire time? He doesn’t have any tour dates until the end of June, so it’s highly possible.

He’s also officially reactivated his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Whether or not he’ll offer up an explanati..

Loopers & Goja Take Us “Back To The Future” With New Single

I’ve already expressed my love for Goja enough times on Your EDM, but when put together with Loopers, expect a completely unstoppable duo. When the Dutch producer and Italian duo get in the studio together, you get incredible pieces like this “Back To The Future.”

It’s safe to say I’ve never really heard a tune like this before. Yeah, it’s electro house at its roots, but it’s so, so much more than that. The vocal chops are reminiscent of some Indian sensibilities, without being as direct as a song by KSHMR, for instance. At the same time, the drop is a wild mixture of distorted synths and pounding percussion; bringing the ethnic vocal chops back in as well gives it an even more layered flavor.

Expect equal parts headbanging and shuffling when this comes on at the function. Check out “Back To The Future” below.

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Source: Loopers & Goja Take Us “Back To The Future” With New Single

Location, Date, Lineup Announced For Ariana Grande’s Manchester Benefit Concert

Following the Manchester terrorist attack last week at an Ariana Grande concert, the pop singer promised fans that she would give back to the families of those who lost someone or had a family member who was injured in the attack. Grande promised to organize a benefit concert to raise money for victims.

“One Love Manchester” will take place on June 4 at the Emirates Old Trafford in Manchester. Coldplay, Katy Perry, Pharrell, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Niall Horan and Take That will also take the stage.

This format bears resemblance to the WELCOME! concert that Zedd organized in Los Angeles in order to bring awareness to and raise money for those affected by the travel ban enacted by President Trump. The obvious difference in this case is the scope of those affected.

According to a press release, all proceeds from the show will go towards the “We Love Manchester Emergency Fund,” in partnership with the British Red Cross and Manchester City Council.

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Your EDM Premiere: LZ7 – Give My All

If you haven’t heard of LZ7, don’t worry, you’re not out of touch. Google describes them as a primarily Christian hip hop and dance group based out of the UK, so they occupy a distinct niche (a rather large one, at that, but a niche nonetheless). So when I was sent their new song “Give My All” and realized it was drum & bass, I hopped on it like an overeager chihuahua seeing a poodle in heat.

By all means, “Give My All” can be described as anthemic. Starting off with huge female vocals, and an instantly catchy melodic hook gives it a nostalgic and forward-facing vibe at the same time, feeling like you’ve heard this song for years and never before. As far as songwriting, the song is essentially perfect. From the hip hop verses to the massive chorus to the addictive bassline, everything is polished to an insane degree.

Pre-order is available for both “Give My All” and “Golden” now, with the release set to go live on Friday, June 2.

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Eric Prydz Shows Off Biggest Holograms in the World at EPIC 5.0 [WATCH]

Eric Prydz shows off the “biggest holograms in the world” in a Facebook video featuring footage from his all new EPIC 5.0 show, which debuted this weekend at Creamfields Steel Yard in London.

These stunning visuals captivated the crowd over 2-hours of pure, epic bliss and mind bending tricks. The highly impressive, out-of-this-world holograms featured a DNA-like spiral, a gigantic, projected astronaut, an nebula straight from another galaxy, an orbiting satellite, and more!

Leave it to Prydz to bring out the biggest holograms ever created just for the love of his fan base!

If you weren’t there, we have the next best thing… Check out the images below, and for a more complete recap of EPIC 5.0, bounce over here.

Biggest holograms in the world!!From fans perspectives…WOW!!

Posted by Eric Prydz on Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Photos Credit: Antonio Pagano

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Source: Eric Prydz Shows Off Biggest Holograms in the World at EPIC 5.0 [WATCH]

Trey Songz – Nobody Else But You (Mozado Remix)

Following his recent flip of Beyonce’s “Naughty Girl” in March, producer Mozado has just returned with his newest remix, this time in the form of a smooth and sensual twist on Trey Songz‘ “Nobody Else But You.” Featuring crisp vocals, acoustic elements and an instantly catchy melody, the track explores the full potential of the original’s arrangement.

It begins with Trey Songz’ distant voice behind clean guitar strums before a simple, cutting percussion section takes over the pacing. A brief swell of noise brings us toward the chorus, where high-pitched vocal chops are thrown around the space above a warm sub bass and sultry chords.

Listen to Mozado’s “Nobody Else But You” remix in full below.

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Source: Trey Songz – Nobody Else But You (Mozado Remix)

Calvin Harris Teased His Next Single On Snapchat

Calvin Harris, throughout the release of each single attached to his forthcoming album Funk Wav Bounce, Vol 1, has teased each release first on Snapchat. It seems, then, that we’ll be getting another new single fairly soon!

While making scrambled eggs (we recommend a non-stick pan, though), you can hear a clear clip of what’s sure to be his next single. Crossing off what collaborators he’s named and already worked with for the album, the male hip hop vocals could still belong to a number of people: D.R.A.M, Travis Scott, Big Sean, and maybe Schoolboy Q.

This one is either coming out this Friday or next, but it’s coming out soon.

⚡️ 29th May 2017 Calvin's snapchat @calvinharris #calvinharris

A post shared by Calvin Harris' Snapchat (@calvinharris.snapchat) on May 29, 2017 at 7:27pm PDT

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Source: Calvin Harris Teased His Next Single On Snapchat

Kayzo Finally Releases The ID On Everyone’s Mind, “Whistle Wars”

If you’ve been to any bass show in the past 6 or so months, I can guarantee with 90% certainty that you heard “Whistle Wars” by Kayzo. It’s been a part of artists’ sets for so long, now that it’s out, I’m almost tired of it already.


I listen to the full song and not just the drop that a DJ would play out, and I have a chance to really appreciate the intricacies of the track. Yeah, the drop is fucking insane and what 99% of that 90% of people who’ve heard it know of, but the rest of the track features some really good songwriting.

The second part of the first drop especially features a nice switch up, but it’s the bridge in between the first and second drop that impresses me most. The delicate piano notes and rising synths, not to mention the breaks, really present a new side of Kayzo that most people wouldn’t hear in a typical DJ set.

So with that, check out “Whistle Wars” in its full glory below.

Photo via Scotch Photos for Wobbleland

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