Your EDM Premiere: Killbox – Clickbait feat. Rymetyme

Killbox are both new and not new. Late last year, dance publications were scrambling to figure out which of RAM’s current artists, if any, comprised this heavy, experimental new project. Turns out it’s Ed Rush and Audio, which both explains and doesn’t explain the techy, frenetic and headbanging tracks the project have released thus far.

Killbox’s first big release in 2014 was a dubstep track called “Drop Beats Not Bombs”, which featured on a number of dubstep compilations. The next two big ones, according to Beatport, were two halftime tracks, “Pitchfork” and “Surge”. Most recently the duo went back to their techy, 170 roots with “Bound to Others”, and now “Clickbait” promises to eclipse all of them with its hectic, techy and very experimental sound.

The beat on “Clickbait” is syncopated in an unexpected way; part neuro, part jump up, it leaves the listener guessing with many twists and turns, drops and breaks. The intro doesn’t really prepare audiences for what they’re in for, as it’s quite melodic and threatens liquid, but when the beat, the bass and the techy, teeth-grinding synths drop, the listener can rest east knowing they’re listening to a true RAM banger. RymeTyme’s lyrics will surprise listeners, as they match the feel of the track in both intensity and timbre, and even DnB heads who don’t like MCs will like this MC’s work on “Clickbait”.

“Clickbait” releases on RAM tomorrow, May 31. Click the player below for the streaming track..

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Source: Your EDM Premiere: Killbox – Clickbait feat. Rymetyme

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