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Proximity Uploads Previously Leaked Skrillex Remix Of “Neoprene”

The Proximity channel has always been known to operate under its own sort of unique rules – that is to say, if the channel likes a track enough, it gets uploaded. That simple. It’s why there were so many uploads of Porter & Madeon remakes from their live show.

Similarly, it’s the reason why today there was a Skrillex remix of LH4L’s “Neoprene” uploaded. The track was first dropped back at Ultra Music Festival 2015, as far as we can tell, and it’s been floating around as a dubplate, ID, or leak ever since. It was used as a DJ tool for mixes, explaining the rather simplistic drop.

For whatever reason, Proximity decided to upload a rather high quality rip of the track to the channel today. Again, as far as we can tell, the upload isn’t sanctioned or supported by Skrillex in any fashion – there are no posts about it on any of his socials. And according to one user on reddit, this isn’t even an “official leak,” whatever that means, but a rip of a Snailed It mix.

That being said, it might..

Your EDM Premiere: Third Floor – Oceans

Australian artist Third Floor is definitely one to pay attention to. After a phenomenal EP last year, the artist has struggled with an autoimmune disorder, forcing him to focus more on his health than his music. Written in a time of emotional turmoil and hospitalization, “Oceans” is clearly an emotional song for the artist.

The spiritual sequel to his previous single “Can’t Do This Alone,” “Oceans” starts with off with a cinematic piano, slowly building into a downtempo disco groove. The combination of deep, emotional autotuned vocals and musical maturity in this track truly leave a lasting emotional impression on the listener – “Oceans” is a song that really makes you feel. Third Floor went above and beyond with this record, capturing and showcasing raw emotion through his writing.

Stream “Oceans” by Third Floor below! Download here.

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Attendees Express Concern As Mud Causes Y Not Festival Cancellation

This was just not the best year for Y Not… The British music festival in Derbyshire experienced a mess when unexpected rain rolled in and turned the grounds into a complete mud pit.

“Unfortunately we’ve had to take the difficult decision to cancel Sunday due to the adverse weather conditions across the weekend, after consulting all the relevant authorities,” Y Not said in an official statement.

However, that didn’t seem to be enough for some of the music festival’s attendees. Many compared the festival to Glastonbury 2016 (which also experienced mud, but the show went on), and some took to social media to express their concerns…

Imagine a British festival that wasn't prepared for rain

YNOT Festival: Hold my beer

— Alex Cadman (@AlexanderCadman) July 30, 2017

Paying £140+ to watch ONE act,kill your legs & be dripping in mud;probably returning with pneumonia,is not my ideal weekend @Y_Not_Festival

— Ellie (@ell_whitehead) July 30, 2017

Sure #YNOT looks muddy, but it's ..

Spotify Has Just Passed 60m Paid Subscribers

Back in early March, Spotify officially confirmed that it had reached the coveted 50 million paid subscriber mark. Shortly after in mid-June they officially announced that the total user base for Spotify was up to 140 million users monthly.

Now it looks like they’re really putting the pedal to the metal having confirmed today to Music Business Worldwide, just months after hitting 50 million paid, that they’re now up to 60 million paid monthly users. An incredible growth of 10 million paid subscribers in under 5 months.

With Spotify supposedly set to launch a direct listing on the New York Stock Exchange later this year the more subscribers they can bring onboard to help their IPO valuation the better.

Spotify is also supposedly set to have passed the 100 million free users mark as well in the last few months.

H/T: Financial Times

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Lucchii Drops Debut ‘Tension EP’

Rising Los Angeles-based trap producer Lucchii along with the help of the enigmatic producer Shöckface have just released a 2-track trap loaded EP titled, Tension.

The LA producers have collaborated before on a remix of Skrillex & Habstrakt’s “Chicken Soup” which has received over 95k streams on SoundCloud has been supported by the likes of Shaun Frank, Psymbionic & Enschway.

Shöckface and Lucchi gravitate towards the trap spectrum of music and land with a completely refreshing and exciting take on musical genre. The EP is made up of two tracks, “Tension” & “Elusion” both tracks consisting of a vast array of unique electronic elements. Everything from blissful intros filled with sharp percussion to warning sirens in the buildup an ending with playful synths in the drop makes this EP a must-listen to for all dance music fans.

Listen to the Tension EP below. [Free Download Here]

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Steve Angello Will Release Two New Songs This Week

So, we already know that Steve Angello has an album coming out this year. We also know a couple other things:

It will very likely be called Almost Human.
The song “Feel At Home” will be on it.

Now, we can safely say that we’ll be getting two new tracks from the album this week! Steve Angello just announced that he’s going to be dropping two new songs this week on Facebook, and fans are already going nuts trying to figure out which ones they are.

Screw it. Let's put out TWO new songs this week!

Posted by Steve Angello on Monday, July 31, 2017

There’s a pretty good chance that Steve played one or both of the tracks during his set at Tomorrowland this year. You can check that all out below.

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Giorgio Moroder Celebrates 40 Years Of ‘I Feel Love’ [FULL SET]

This past Thursday, Mixmag, Casablanca Records and Smirnoff Sound Collective came together to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Giorgio Moroder, Pete Bellotte and Donna Summer’s iconic disco track “I Feel Love.”

Moroder, of course, could be considered the Godfather of modern dance music, having played a major part in the disco movement, as well as producing a number of records for artists across the years. In 2015, Moroder released his album Déjà Vu, his first since 1992.

“I Feel Love” turned 40 on Thursday, and Moroder celebrated in kind with a mix of classic and modern disco and house tunes laid down to a crowd of fans ready to dance. Read about the full event here.

Giorgio Moroder Celebrating 40 Years of I Feel Love

Celebrating 40 years of Donna Summer’s ’I Feel Love’ with its legendary producer Giorgio Moroder at Schimanski New York!

Posted by Mixmag on Friday, July 28, 2017

[Photos: Zeyad Gohary / Jason Kempin]

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Martin Garrix Closes Out Tomorrowland MainStage with Cheery New ID [LISTEN]

Martin Garrix ended his Tomorrowland 2017 weekend 2 set on a high note, closing out the music festival’s main stage for the year with some unreleased magic!

For his last song, the producer got on the mic and let the crowd know the song (below) was made especially for them. As the euphoric melody played out, the massive audience took on a look that can only be described as pure bliss, as another year of the epic festival celebrated some of its last moments.

“If you’re feeling happy right now — if you have a smile on your face, Tomorrowland — for the last time I want to see everybody jump!” Garrix exclaimed.

The cheery new ID definitely put a smile on everyone’s face (at least, those featured on camera) and one guy even knelt down on his knee to present his new fiancé with a ring as fireworks shot into the sky… D’aww! Check out the incredible moment in Tomorrowland history right here!

Martin Garrix ID @ Tomorrowland 2017

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Skrillex x Poo Bear – Would Ü Ever (TWO OWLS Remix)

California’s dynamic duo TWO OWLS have been making massive waves since their rebrand earlier in the year. Playing festivals across the country and lending their talents to remix Mt Eden’s “Sierra Leone,” alongside some crazy originals, the pair have proven both their diversity and production talent time and again. This time taking on the latest release from Skrillex & Poo Bear, TWO OWLS lends a massive remix to the huge new single “Would You Ever.”

Combining future productions and raising the energy from the normally chiller house vibe of the original, TWO OWLS combines heavy saw layers with echoing vocals and insane percussion lines to give the song a whole new life that will have fans chanting day and night. TWO OWLS captures a whole new vibe that you’ll instantly love and you can’t miss out on this.

Make sure to check it out below!

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Slander – Superhuman Ft. Eric Leva (AXEN Flip) [Free Download]

Perth, Australia-based talent AXEN has been making waves the past few months. Offering his talents to names like Flux Pavilion and NGHTMRE for an official remix on their hit single “Feel Your Love” as well as working with Circus Records to release his forthcoming EP, AXEN has caught the eyes of many across the industry. After so much success, AXEN decided to celebrate with an incredible flip of Slander’s “Superhuman!”

Combining melodic chord structures coupled with Eric Leva’s incredible original vocals and top line, AXEN transforms the track into a future ballad that carries both emotion and energy to have a crowd bouncing around with tears in their eyes. An intricate blend of beauty and distortion, the track hits you hard and will leave you speechless.

Make sure to check the track out below and snag the free download while you can!

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