EDM Community Reacts To Violence & Unrest In Charlottesville

Yesterday’s protests in Charlottesville, VA, which ended in 3 dead, became a hot-button issue across social media. As former VP Joe Biden tweeted, there is only one side to this. A group of alt-right Nazis created unrest and instability in a once peaceful town that has become a flash point for discussions of free speech and xenophobia.

As the rest of the country waits for our President to say something, anything, condemning the actions of modern-day Nazis, the EDM community has spoken out regarding the tragedy.

My heart goes out to those affected by the ignorance and pure idiocy of some people that call themselves "Americans" in Charlottesville

— marshmello (@marshmellomusic) August 13, 2017

fuck nazis

— slushii (@SlushiiMusic) August 13, 2017

I wish I could say I cannot believe what happened in Charlottesville but the truth is I know there are some people filled with so much hate

— THE CHAINSMOKERS (@TheChainsmokers) August 13, 2017

In our country and it is the most upsetting and disturbing situation. My thoughts and prayers are with those effected and to everyone

— THE CHAINSMOKERS (@TheChainsmokers) August 13, 2017

This is not what America stands for and not what the people who actually protect our freedom fight for.

— THE CHAINSMOKERS (@TheChainsmokers) August 13, 2017

Love >

— Zedd (@Zedd) August 13, 2017

sending out 100% love to the victims of the Terrorist Nazi Attack in VA, which Trump has condoned by not condemning: Stand Up To Hate ❤️

— Bassnectar (@bassnectar) August 13, 2017

We need to learn to love more and hate less. It's the most human thing we can possibly do. pic.twitter.com/rMNI1htLYh

— Kolony Out Now (@steveaoki) August 13, 2017

white supremacists can suck my fuckin ballsack
how do u not see that humans are all equal?
no one is better than anyone
y'all human garbage

— getter (@GetterOfficial) August 13, 2017

“I’m not the angry white racist they see in that photo” says angry white racist…https://t.co/IAFotiQiWO

— NotTheKatyPerrySong (@Funkagenda) August 13, 2017

goodnight to everyone except the Nazis in #Charlottesville, all the other Nazis, and also you, Mr. President.

— voia (@voiamusic) August 13, 2017

What happened in Charlottesville today will not be an isolated incident.

Be ready. pic.twitter.com/rqHti6kHz0

— HXV (@WE_ARE_HXV) August 13, 2017

Sending love to Charlottesville. 😔 ❤️

— edIT (@edIT) August 12, 2017

Racist marchers in #charlottesville chanting "heil Trump!" @realDonaldTrump these are your people.

— moby XⓋX (@thelittleidiot) August 12, 2017

Let's say what @realDonaldTrump and @GOP are too afraid to say: the racists in #charlottesville are human garbage.

— moby XⓋX (@thelittleidiot) August 12, 2017

Hey @realDonaldTrump the racists marching in #Charlottesville are YOUR supporters. Your racist speech has empowered them. They are yours.

— moby XⓋX (@thelittleidiot) August 12, 2017

i'm embarrassed, disappointed and angered at what's happened in Charlottesville, VA; a city not far from where i call home

— Manila Killa (@manilakilla) August 12, 2017

Totally disgusted by what's going on in Charlottesville today. so backwards

— Look At Us Now (@wearelostkings) August 12, 2017

Fuck racism and all these assholes in #Charlottesville !!!

— DOM (BIG GIGANTIC) (@DominicLalli) August 12, 2017

Completely disgusted with the Charlottesville march right now. My heart is so broken to think people actually believe this is okay.

— ROZES (@ROZESsounds) August 12, 2017

Photo via Ryan M Kelly/The Daily Progress/AP

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Source: EDM Community Reacts To Violence & Unrest In Charlottesville

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