Month: October 2017

The Chainsmokers’ Drummer Matt McGuire Sets Drum Sticks On Fire For Epic Solo

There are few drummers in EDM more popular than Matt McGuire right now, as he’s toured the world with The Chainsmokers in just about every country imaginable. (KJ Sawka, drummer for Pendulum and Destroid, is just about the only other drummer with as much notoriety in dance music.)

Still, kids who have grown up on dance music and only dance music have a tendency to get bored by things like real instruments, so you’ve got to find a way to keep it spicy and hot. Well, why not light your drum sticks on fire?

During a mid-show drum solo, McGuire fashioned two drum sticks with some accelerant-soaked material and let ‘er rip… the normal every day drum solo is transformed into a high-energy, one of a kind performance in the blink of an eye. Check it out below.

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Source: The Chainsmokers’ Drummer Matt McGuire Sets Drum Sticks On Fire For Epic Solo

The World Is Not Ready For This What So Not x San Holo Track [MUST WATCH]

If you’ve ever wondered just how crazy a What So Not x San Holo track would sound, you’re in for a real treat right now!

The two unleashed their killer trap-meets-future bass collaboration at Something Wicked over the weekend, and it went off to say the very least. Thankfully, one Redditor was looking out from front and center, and uploaded a video of the unreleased anthem to r/trap.

This What So Not x San Holo simply bangs. There are really no words that come to mind other than “release it now.”

What So Not x San Holo from trap

What So Not has been playing out another new ID at recent shows, which could mean his debut LP is nearing the finish line. He’s been hard at work on it for nearly a year now.

Here are some more updates from WSN on his album’s progress:

19hr studio session yesterday. Worth every minute #albumtime

— WHAT SO NOT (@WhatSoNot) August 23, 2017

trolling through the 100's of old demos 2 find some gold 4 album interludes… Reminded we make a lot of trash 2..

Kygo Drops Heart-Wrenching Track “With You” Featuring Wrabel Ahead Of Album Release [LISTEN]

Another day, another Kygo track — the masterful producer is following through with releasing a song a day until his new album’s release!

So far, we’ve been treated to a collaboration with every single. The title track “Kids In Love” featuring The Night Game, “Stranger Things” featuring OneRepublic, and “Never Let You Go” featuring John Newman, just to name a few. This time around, Wrabel lends his vocals to the production.

“With You” is noticeably less upbeat than some other Kids In Love tracks like “Sunrise” and “Shotgun,” but it’s undoubtedly one of the most beautiful. It’s a romantic yet bittersweet song with some heart-wrenching lyrics.

Wrabel sings out:

If we’re losing our minds
I’ll get lost with you
If we’re all gonna die
I wanna die with you

If that doesn’t tug on your heartstrings, then absolutely nothing will. Listen to Kygo’s latest and look out for Kids In Love coming this Friday!

Kygo – With You featuring Wrabel

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Gorillaz Drop New Song & Damon Albarn Reveals They’ve Worked With Flume

Despite just releasing their album Humanz earlier this year, Gorillaz are back already with a new single called “Garage Palace” that continues to show off their ever-evolving musical style.

“Garage” in this case refers heavily to the music genre often conflated with house or deep groove, and it sounds absolutely fantastic on the new track. Featuring vocals from Little Simz, the track bounces and grooves along as a true dancefloor heater.

Speaking with Beats 1 host Zane Lowe, Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn also revealed that he’s been working in the studio with Flume and Mike WiLL Made-It, as well as attempting to get Usher in the studio. Simply imagining a Gorillaz and Flume collaboration is making our hair stand absolutely on end.

.@DamonAlbarn says he’s working with @flumemusic and @MikeWiLLMadeIt. He’s also trying to get @Usher in the studio.

— Beats 1 (@Beats1) October 31, 2017

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Corey James Discusses 2017, His New Single, & Signing With SIZE Records [Interview]

There’s no question as to the talent and success of Corey James. 2017 has been his biggest year yet: from collaborating with legends like Tom Staar and Steve Angello, to performing at some of the biggest festivals in the world, and most recently, to signing a huge deal with Angello’s prestigious SIZE Records. I had the pleasure to interview Corey about not only his career, but some of his own personal highlights from this year. Enjoy!

2017 has been your biggest year to date. What has been one of your biggest highlights looking back on the year and why?
My biggest highlight of 2017 would be visiting the SIZE studio’s and Steve Angello in Stockholm, it’s always been a dream of mine. It was just an amazing experience that not many people get to do, it’s really inspired me. I would say another highlight would be travelling the world, doing something I love, I’m very blessed to say that this year I have been doing that.

What’s been your favorite performance of 2017? Favorite festival? Wh..

Marshmello Cooks Up Chocolate Mice And Burns Deadmau5 In The Process [WATCH]

How’s that saying go?! Trick or treat… Smell my feet… Give Marshmello something good to eat… like chocolate mice! Something like that.

The sweetest DJ/producer in the game is doing Halloween right by us with a new video feature “Cooking with Mello.” The first episode (we assume) of the series features Marshmello cooking up some yummy treats inspired by his “little pet mouse from back in high school” that makes an appearance in the “Alone” music video.

Staying in character, Marshmello doesn’t do the talking — instead a soothing narrative dishes out the instructions for making these perfectly delicious chocolate mice. So, that’s the treat, but what about the trick?

Just wait for it… This serving of “Cooking with Mello” comes complete with a deadmau5 diss!

Cooking with Mello: Chocolate Mice

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Source: Marshmello Cooks Up Chocolate Mice And Burns Deadmau5 In The Process [WATCH]

Mysterious Artist Humxn Drops First Single With Icon Khalil, “Summer Fling”

Instagram celeb & best friend to Justin Bieber, Khalil, just dropped a single with unknown, and anonymous artist “Humxn.” The single slipped under everyone’s radar until Khalil posted about it yesterday, and since then, the record started to gain serious attention and is now popping up in numerous playlists; it’s insanely catchy so we can only expect this to continue to move.

On the indie label Herø Records, Humxn looks to emerge as a pop-focused dance-derived artist. The catchy pop hook perfectly portrays “breaking up” and getting over someone you never officially dated. The start of the track is a synth heavy yet delicate melody that forms into soulful lyrics. The track has beautiful development into an explosive and still highly emotional drop.

Humxn’s bio reads as such, and it is the only bit of information we have on the artist thus far.

“From the ashes rises out purpose for creation; our soul and identity… our humxn complex bleeds emotional desires and the instinct for connect..

G.H. Hat Remixes His Track “I Got a Problem (I Wonder)” Twelve (Yes, Twelve) Times

Until 2016, G.H. Hat was known mostly for his classical composition and production. He made the leap into EDM via what he tags as trip hop but by EDMer standards, his first tracks were probably more technically dubstep. Nonetheless, “Joyogistic” and “Primal” both made it into the Soundcloud top 50 Trip Hop tracks. Now he’s jut released a track which is more on the pop EDM spectrum called “I Got a Problem” featuring Mickey Shiloh and within a month it’s in the top ten on Billboard’s Breakouts for Dance and Single Sales charts. Something’s definitely working.

It seems only three of the twelve remixes for “I Got a Problem (I Wonder)” have been released to the public to purchase individually thus far: the original, an instrumental mix and a mix G.H. Hat has tagged as the “As Chill as It Gets” mix. The rest of them are on a Spotify playlist, it’s unclear when they will be fully released, but the remixers include Dinaire and Bissen, Ralphi Rosario and Mr. Mig.

The original mix is a sort of..

Porter Robinson Claps Back At Haters In Rare Move, Announces “Worlds 2” in 3044

It’s no secret that some Porter Robinson fans aren’t very happy with the first release of his new project, Virtual Self’s “Eon Break.” And honestly, that’s fine – it’s not a Porter Robinson song, Porter Robinson fans don’t have to like it (nor do they have to like anything the producer puts out, but that’s beside the point).

The issue begins when those fans become unappreciative of Porter Robinson the person, rather than Porter Robinson the artist. And there is a difference.

Many fans have complained about the new track and project, and no doubt Porter has seen these messages on every social media platform. In response, in rare form, Porter has clapped back at the haters with a viciously sarcastic tweet, “World 2 coming out in the year 3044, just scheduled it with iTunes. Rare new collabs with ‘Porter Robinson 2.’ Best song is Sad Machine 2.”

The takeaway here is that he feels too many people are asking him to just make more of the same, when obviously his style and tastes have chan..

Police Confiscate 2.55 Million Ecstasy Tablets in Massive International Drug Bust

A massive international drug bust carried out by Turkish anti-narcotics police has resulted in the confiscation of 2.55 million ecstasy tablets.

The drugs were intercepted in “simultaneous operations” across Istanbul, Kırklareli and Edirne provinces — in what is being described as Turkey’s largest drug bust ever. Istanbul police were initially tipped off that a shipment from the Netherlands would be distributed throughout the country.

Sure enough, the truck came through and was taken under surveillance as it entered Turkey. Police monitored the route to find people involved in smuggling, and tracked the shipment all the way to the buyer. Searches were carried out at various addresses and five suspects were detained in connection to the drug move.

And ecstasy wasn’t the only drug found in the raid… According to reports, “56 kilograms of heroin, 120 kilograms of skunk cannabis, five kilograms of opium gum, 600 kilograms of cocaine” were also seized.

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