Month: January 2018

Xio: A 5 Mag Mix vol 53

The Russian electronic music scene is exploding with talent, and we’ve been fortunate to introduce a few of the country’s dynamic new producers and DJs to our audience.

This issue we’re back off to Moscow for our next 5 Mag Mix with Xio of the Wax Ninja record store. I first heard about Wax Ninja from some choice vinyl-only EPs they’ve seeded around the Deep House world, on Xio’s 3 AM EP on their in-house & eponymous Wax Ninja label and the V/A Jam EP from SubUrbz.

Xio: A 5 Mag Mix

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Xio: The 5 Mag Interview
Hello, Xio, thanks for sitting down with us! What should I call you? Xio or Artem or something else?
Hello Terry, thank you for the opportunity! Please call me Artem (that’s my real name).

How is Moscow at this time of year?
Weather is cold, about 0 degrees, but we’re going to party tonight!

I originally got your 3 AM EP sent as a promo about two years ago, I think it was? Up until then I hadn’t heard of Wax Ninja. You’re the owner of the st..

Cz’s Boogie Episode 15

Join 5 Magazine Editor-in-Chief Czarina Mirani for Cz’s Boogie, a selection of her 10 current favorite tracks (from all genres) along with House Music news and gossip.

(Thanks to New City Chicago for naming Cz’s Boogie the best House Music podcast!)

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Show Notes
Discovered this song through a 5 Mag review, Philippine trip, the pitfalls of throwing underground parties, playing weird music, Midnight Funk 5 Mag review as well, why you need to subscribe for the new year, Fresh Meat Podcast, Cz’s latest Riverdale obsession, the death drop in vogueing, In The Beginning There Was Shirts (video), promos gold: great new boombap style Hip-Hop song with new artists, Happy Birthday Frankie Knuckles!

Cz’s Boogie Episode 15 Tracklist
1) Don’t Leave Me This Way (Sarp Yilmaz, Original Mix)
2) Nightwaves (Knee Deep)
3) Diversion (Paper Tiger)
4) Midnight Funk Association (Detroit’s Filthiest)
5) Can I Show You Real Love (Micky More, Andy Tee, Angela Johnson)
6) Ins..

Station H Podcast Episode 4 with Mike City

On the fourth episode of Station H, host Will Sumsuch visits the offices of Mi Soul Radio in London to speak with Michael Flowers aka Mike City, the award winning hip hop and R&B songwriter who has recently turned his attention to soulful house music, stepping into the spotlight (with a little help from his friends) as a solo artist on his new album The Feel Good Agenda. We got to talk about writing a worldwide smash hit with Sunshine Anderson, getting Faith Evans to sing on a house music record, the importance (and current lack) of songs in dance music, and why Jerry Jones has made him indifferent to his beloved Dallas Cowboys.

Station H: Episode 4 with Mike City

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Station H Podcast Episode 4: Tracklisting
1. Mike City: 100 Miles ft. Carl Thomas
2. Mike City: Been Too Afraid ft. Teedra Moses
3. Sunshine Anderson: Heard It All Before
4. Mike City: You’re The Kind
5. Mike City: Head Over Heels ft. Maysa
6. Mike City: When I Luv ft. Faith Evans
7. Mik..