Month: March 2018

Duke Shin – The Goods 5 Year Anniversary Mix

When people ask me where they can go to party on a Thursday night in Chicago, I often tell them a must go is Duke Shin’s Wicker Park soiree “The Goods.” It’s comfy, intimate, incredibly friendly and the music is just top notch. Shin is the resident conductor, his sound so versatile and eclectic that it embodies the character of the night itself.

For a weekly residency to make it to 5 years is a big deal, and we couldn’t be more proud of him. He has consistently curated a talented lineup of guests and for the anniversary month is packed with Chicago’s heavy hitters.

We asked Duke about the genesis of the night, what gives it its staying power and he’s also treated us with an exclusive mix 🙂

Duke Shin – The Goods Thursdays 5 Year Anniversary Mix

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Recorded live by Goods resident Duke Shin, this mix is comprised completely of personal favorites and gems that have often found their way into his playlists. From early groove starters to more bumps as it..

Pablo Bolivar: A 5 Mag Mix vol 54

Those who desire to take their music to another level will always stand out among the crowd. Pablo Bolivar is one of those artists, a discerning DJ and producer whose distinctive, intriguing style of quality-driven house and techno sets him apart from the rest. His studies of sound engineering and work as an audio engineer have given him a mature understanding of the music, helping him become one of the most notable names of Spain’s electronic music scene. His releases with imprints such as Decoder Muzique, Culprit, Moodmusic and Curle Recordings, spread his sophisticated sound even further, while his diverse DJ sets have gained him fans across the globe.

Pablo Bolivar: A 5 Mag Mix

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Pablo Bolivar: The 5 Mag Interview
Through his two labels Avantroots and Seven Villas, Bolivar has had the opportunity to share exceptional music from a diverse list of artists, allowing his reach to expand beyond his own work. With Avantroots, Pablo Bolivar and Aphro S..

Cz’s Boogie Episode 16

Join 5 Magazine Editor-in-Chief Czarina Mirani for Cz’s Boogie podcast, featuring a selection of her 10 current favorite tracks (from all genres of music) along with house music news and gossip.

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Show Notes
San Francisco trip, when did Ubers become highway robbery?, Malik Hendricks, the value of vinyl, Southport Weekender, Cz’s first party at Trace with all her dancers, I , Love for Acid Jazz and N’Dea Davenport, DJs hiding their records, review of Christian Lisco’s Acid Cuts, Lo-Fi aesthetic, John Morales’ inspiring story, DJ Shadow’s most beautiful song

(Thanks to New City Chicago for naming Cz’s Boogie the best House Music podcast!)

Cz’s Boogie Episode 16 Tracklist
1) The More (Angelo Ruis)
2) String Thing (Shadow Child)
3) 216 (Malik Hendricks)
4) Boom, A Touch of Jazz (House 2 House)
5) Midnight at the Oasis (Brand New Heavies, Ian Green Remix)
6) Strandbar (Todd Terje, Disko Version)
7) Don’t You (James Dell)
8) 68 (Christian Lisco)
9) Heave..