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Your EDM Premiere: Ameria & HYPRESSION – Not About You [Trap City x Spinnin Records]

Hungarian songstress and hitmaker Ameria has collaborated Russian producer HYPRESSION on this new tune called, “Not About You,” and we’re all about it.

This track, out today via Trap City and Spinnin Records, is all about the slow build and intense release. The first 70 seconds or so of the track are all on the rise with Ameria’s vocals until it crashes down with a reticent fury. The slightly phased, sweeping synth notes cause you to sway your head to and fro, almost without you even realizing it.

One thing about the track that I feel could be slightly improved upon is the lack of versatility – it’s largely the same looping sequence for the duration of the track. However, to others, that repetition and consistency could be almost hypnotic. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

Check out the new track from Ameria & HYPRESSION, “Not About You,” below, out now on Trap City & Spinnin Records.

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This Cool Spotify Hack Lets You See All Your Most-Played Songs & Favorite Artists

Spotify users, assemble!

My favorite streaming platform just got even cooler with the advent of this new add-on. Found on reddit, of course, simply accept permissions at this link and this aggregator will collect information about your listening habits from Spotify. You can see everything from your Top Artists in the short, mid and long term to your top tracks of right now.

It’s quick, it’s easy, and it tells you quite a bit about how Spotify looks at your play history to craft customized playlists. There’s a good chance you might even come out a little bit surprised and learn something about yourself by how often you listen to a particular artist or a song.

Go share with your friends and compare lists to see who has the best musical tastes!

Check out mine below to see an example of what to expect.

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Source: This Cool Spotify Hack Lets You See All Your Most-Played Songs & Favorite Artists

Report: Orders For iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Have Been Slashed By 50 Percent

Amidst news that the iPhone 7 is still far outselling the new iPhone 8 series, Apple’s stock has fallen 2.4 percent. This is in conjunction with reports out of Taiwan that, according to the NY Post, Apple has “slashed orders for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus by nearly 50 percent for the rest of the year.” [emphasis ours]

This isn’t terribly surprising, given the horrid marketing and timing of the iPhone 8. With the iPhone 8 only barely better than its predecessor, and another, better phone on the way soon after, the iPhone 8 was doomed to fail from the very beginning. iPhone 7 is still $150 cheaper than the iPhone 8, as well.

According to Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, “Apple has never cut production of an iPhone so early in the cycle.”

via NY Post

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Source: Report: Orders For iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Have Been Slashed By 50 Percent

Armin van Buuren Starts 14-Hour Live Stream From ADE

In the world of bass music, sets longer than two hours are basically unheard of (unless you play drum & bass, and then the cut off is around 6 hours, but even then, only if you’re Andy C). Still, in the world of marathon sets, no one can beat house and trance DJs. The nature of the music itself allows DJs to play around with singular tracks for a longer time, phasing in and out, teasing new tracks, bringing old tracks back in… there’s an art to it.

In honor of ADE, and for the 836th episode of A State Of Trance, Armada boss Armin van Buuren is live streaming for 14 hours straight in what we have to assume at this point is a complete trance. (Heh, get it?)

Other artists will also play during the stream, including Aly & Fila.

Watch it all below!

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Source: Armin van Buuren Starts 14-Hour Live Stream From ADE

um.. Start Rumors Of A Breakup With “this is our last song”

um.. have never been ones for subtlety. With their latest song, they’re making a bold and definitive statement: “this is out last song.”

I’ve been working with this particular duo literally since the very beginning. I was the first to interview them for a major EDM publication, I began a popular story series with them based on their track titles, and I’m lucky enough to call them personal friends. Hell, I’ve even taken them to the zoo. (Seriously.) This news has blindsided me and I’m sure the rest of their fanbase, as well.

They’ve just come off of two massive performances at Shambhala and Lost Lands, closing out the main stage at the latter. For them to call it quits at such a pivotal moment in their career, things must really not be going well behind the scenes.

In a reddit AMA two months ago, Ben of um.. revealed that after “our last song,” the duo would disband, citing creative differences.

It’s really hard to believe that these two are disbanding… but it’s hard to argue with t..

Selena Gomez Drops Release Date & Title Of Marshmello Collab

Looks like we’ll be getting two new Marshmello tracks in the next week…

First up, tomorrow, we’ll be getting “Me & You” featuring Marshmello’s own vocals. Of course we’ve heard him on the mic, but how about in the studio? We’ll know soon enough…

But another collaboration that fans have been waiting for is the one with Selena Gomez. Thankfully, the Disney star turned pop sensation has just revealed the release date and title of the single:

“Wolves” is coming October 25.

Coming 10.25… WOLVES x @marshmellomusic

— Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) October 19, 2017

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DJ Snake’s New Single Is Coming This Monday, “Broken Summer”

DJ Snake has just revealed his next single, coming out this coming Monday, called “Broken Summer.”

It’s only been about a month since DJ Snake released his latest single with Lauv, “A Different Way,” after premiering it atop the Arc de Triomphe in Paris during a once-in-a-lifetime performance.

As of right now, even after checking Snake’s Snapchat, there haven’t been any previews or teasers for the song – we have no idea what it will sound like. But if it’s anything like his previous single, it’s going to be more melodic and toned down than some of his higher-energy songs.

Heck, he’s not even sending it to his good friend Dillon Francis…

Regardless, it doesn’t seem like we have to wait very long to find out.

New Music dropping Monday

— DJ SNAKE (@djsnake) October 19, 2017

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Source: DJ Snake’s New Single Is Coming This Monday, “Broken Summer”

Phone Maker Wants This Foldable, Dual-Screen Smartphone To Be The Future

The first iPhone was released in 2007, meaning that for the past decade, smart phones have been basically the same. Bezels have shrunk, hardware and software features have been updated, metal and aluminum casings have transitioned to glass… but the basic look of a smart phone has remained stagnant.

Rumors of a “bendable” Samsung phone have already hit the internet, and now news of a new kind of flip phone from ZTE has come out. ZTE, a Chinese manufacturer, has announced the Axon M, which, instead of folding in like most traditional flip phones, folds out to reveal a second touch screen. In essence, it will turn your 5.2-inch Android smartphone into an impressive 6.75-inch tablet.


Because this is not a common feature in most Android phones, not all apps will work perfectly. Android already supports split screen in a number of apps like Google Docs, Photos, Chrome, Maps, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and Pandora, but for others, the experience will be less optimized.

Because th..

SASASAS Producers Phantasy & Macky G Release USB With Unreleased Tracks, Share Video for ‘Let It Shine’ [Video]

SASASAS, the drum and bass supergroup who have been burning up the festival circuit for almost three years straight, also write and produce a huge number of tracks to keep up with their performance schedule. Your EDM interviewed the two DJs supplying the music, Phantasy and Macky Gee, about this process of putting out tracks as fast as they can play them out, and it sounds as if, at the very least, this group has to work very hard to manage their time.

With their crazy touring and production schedule, SASASAS still managed to put out a video for one of Phantasy and Macky Gee’s most popular tracks, a jump up banger called “Let It Shine” which features Youngman, whose silky smooth vocals give the track a bit of a liquid touch. The video is adorable and fun just like the group itself and poses Macky and Phantasy as their much older selves, reminiscing about their “days in the sunshine,” touring and enjoying life. The video stresses the most important tenants on which SASASAS were founded..

Illenium Shows Off VIP To His Remix Of Flume’s “Say It” & We Have Chills

Much like Porter Robinson’s live edit of “Fresh Static Snow,” Illenium has crafted an absolutely out of this world live edit to his remix of Flume’s “Say It.” The VIP has been in his sets since at least Electric Forest this year, possibly even earlier.

The vocals come in as they do in his original remix, but the drop descends into absolute sonic madness with heavily distorted bass and bone crunching percussion, accompanied by visuals that perfectly match the vibe. The video below was taken at this year’s debut Lost Lands festival, created by Excision.

Will this VIP ever see the light of day as an official release? Who knows… but the Illenium fam is strong and dedicated, there’s sure to be a live HQ rip floating around soon.

Illenium & His Fire VIP Song ID Say It – Flume (Illenium VIP remix)Watch below in HD Like Us For More

Posted by Festival Goers on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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