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Valentino Khan Drops Insanely Wild NSFW “Pump” Music Video [WATCH]

NSFW music videos seem to be all the rage, and we’re not complaining…

Earlier this week Justice dropped a borderline pornographic video for the song “Pleasure,” which makes sense. Little did we know that Valentio Khan‘s “Pump” would come along and surprise us all with even more action!

The “Pump” music video starts out with a game of strip poker, but that’s just the beginning… As the spunky pool party guests shed their clothes, blurred images appear in order to censor their unmentionables. But, then something really strange starts happening. First a nip slip, then another. Then the blurry images come to life as otherworldly beings that can only be described as pesky little see-through Gremlins.

“I’ve been so hyped to share this video with all of you and continue to push boundaries with these visuals. Here it is… the Pump music video, NSFW version! Enjoy, VK,” the producer shared via YouTube.

We don’t want to give too much away because this music video is seriously crazy — Just watc..

Rick and Morty Blows Minds With Hidden Music Conspiracy Theory Message [WATCH]

Rick and Morty is so smart we can’t even fathom all the hidden messages and intricacies that are most likely lurking in the outrageous scenes, just passing us by. Meanwhile, the show’s writers are planting genius-sized easter eggs and foreshadowing events to take place for the rest of the season — if not the series.

Reddit user u/TheFlippyFloppy has pointed out one of the most mind-blowing details to date. But, first let’s set the scene…

The latest episode “Morty’s Mindblowers,” arguably one of the best Rick and Morty installments ever made (thus far), introduces us to the only thing better than “Interdimensional Cable.” Not only does it dive into a handful of mini-episodes within the episode, making you second guess everything that’s happening on screen — the show goes even deeper than that.

Without giving too much away (in case you haven’t watched) we’ll just say that there’s a particular Truth Tortoise that’s essential to the plot behind “Morty’s Mindblowers.” While on the surfac..

Pretty Lights Restricts Totems From the Front of The Stage During Episodic Festival

Pretty Lights is taking a stand against totems — at least ones in close proximity to the front of his stage.

Over the weekend during his Episodic Festival performance at Bank Of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford, New Hampshire, the DJ/producer put a restriction on flags, signs, or other large objects, known as totems that may obstruct views.

Apparently, it was a specific jelly fish that was causing problems for the production. A report from Live for Live Music states that crew members made the person with the jellyfish totem near the front of stage leave the prime spot. Soon after, a visual “No Totems” ban sign appeared on the screen. But, they weren’t trying to be fun suckers, they were just trying to do their jobs.

Pretty Lights’ lighting director LazerShark has since clarified the team’s totem intensions:

“Just to be clear since some people think it’s their right to be an inconsiderate douche. Your right to ‘self-expression’ has not been banned at our shows. We simply just want ..

The Prodigy Announce New Single By End Of This Year, New Album Next Year

Following the release of 2015’s The Day is My Enemy, The Prodigy have remained rather quiet on the release front. They toured the album and played a sparse number of shows in the US, as well as released a remix album, but otherwise nothing from The Prodigy themselves.

Yesterday, seemingly out of nowhere, the group announced via Facebook that a new single would be released before the end of the year, and a new album would be out next year! The various hashtags included in the post could point to the titles of singles or even the title of the album, but it’s hard to tell which could be which.

Just last month, The Prodigy announced that long-time guitarist for the band Rob Holliday would be splitting from the group, so it will be interesting to see how his absence affects the sound of the group moving on.

Keep an eye on this space for when the single finally drops!

New single later this year! ,,then we droppin a new album on you early next year ! Ya hear me! ️ #theprodigy #weliveforth..

Tchami x Malaa Announce No Redemption Tour, Tickets On Sale Now

The Tchami x Malaa – No Redemption Tour is about to take over North America!

Two of Confession‘s greatest, the man himself and the deep, dark, masked wonder are soon hitting up Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta and more! This is a must-see show for any house lover, and likely worth going the distance if they aren’t stopping directly in your city.

Just yesterday, the label’s Alchemy 2 compilation album dropped — and while Malaa was noticeably absent from the release, we’re sure he and Tchami have plenty of new music in store for this tour.

Don’t sleep on tickets — pre-sale for the Tchami x Malaa – No Redemption Tour has already started. Use code SUMMER99 to secure your spot:

Tchami x Malaa – No Redemption Tour Dates

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Source: Tchami x Malaa Announce No Redemption Tour, Tickets On Sale Now

Monstercat Brings Newcomer Bad Computer to Artist Roster

Over the last year or so, Monstercat has been hard at work recruiting big-name producers to their roster (Marshmello, Ookay, Seven Lions, Bassnectar… the list goes on and on), to their general success. Seeing Monstercat take a virtually unknown artist and push them to new heights has become more of a rarity these days, though it does still happen from time to time.

Avid followers of the label were both shocked and excited when Bad Computer – an artist with a small, four-digit following – tweeted out that he would be soon joining the Monstercat family. Though this only became public news last Friday, word of his upcoming debut spread very quickly, with “New Dawn” premiering on Monstercat’s “Call of the Wild” podcast Tuesday and releasing today.

According to the post on his Facebook page, Bad Computer had been sending demos to Monstercat under the alias Craig Ferrier since he was just 14 years old. The aspiring producer spent years trying to conform with whatever sound was “in” at the ..

Bearson – Cold War (feat. Mr Hudson)

Bearson is one of those rare few artists that’s both a regular touring artist but also has experience running a record label. The Next Wave founder’s previous single “One Step At A Time” was a 20 million play which came out in 2016. Now, the Norwegian producers returns with his first single of the year “Cold War.”

Joining him for the vocals is Mr Hudson known for his work with Kanye West and DJ Snake. Bearson’s cheerful production meshes will with Mr Hudson’s smooth vocals to create a tantalizing record highlighted by piano keys and warm synths.

Stream it below!

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Source: Bearson – Cold War (feat. Mr Hudson)

Ekali Makes The “Babylon” Skrillex Remix Official

Good news, everyone! We’re getting a new Skrillex remix soon.

The Skrillex remix of Ekali’s “Babylon” that was dropped earlier this month is finally getting an official release, according to an iTunes listing that Ekali shared on Twitter last evening. The remix will also feature a contribution from up and coming hip hop producer Ronny J.

The other two remixes in the pack come courtesy of Josh Pan & X&G and Sober Rob & Oshi.

Since the iTunes listing is there, it’s highly possible that these will all drop this Friday, but as of now it’s not certain.

All star squad…

— Ekali (@EkaliMusic) September 20, 2017

Check out a clip of the remix getting dropped live below, and listen again to Ekali’s “Babylon” featuring Denzel Curry.

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Source: Ekali Makes The “Babylon” Skrillex Remix Official

Google Pixel 2 Dropping October 4

While Apple fanboys and fangirls are still geeking out over iOS 11 and the new iPhone models announced at the Apple keynote event last week, fans of Android have a different date to look out for: October 4. This is supposedly the day that Google will announce the new Pixel 2, as evidenced in the video below. The video only explicitly says “stay tuned for more on October 4,” but it’s not a far leap to assume that it refers to the new phone announcement.

However, like the Apple keynote, the Pixel won’t be the only thing announced. According to leaks from Droid Life, the event will unveil four major products in the Google line, including a new Chromebook and new Google Home unit.

Here is the Google Home Mini, the Smaller $49 Google Home.

— Droid Life (@droid_life) September 19, 2017

Google Pixelbook is Google’s New Chromebook With Pixelbook Pen, Starting at $1,199.

— Droid Life (@droid..

Pioneer DJ Announces Limited Edition White CDJ & DJ Mixer

Pioneer DJ’s new limited edition white DJ equipment will most definitely be the coolest thing you’ll see all day. The global leader in DJ equipment announced yesterday that they would be releasing a limited run of white-colored equipment, and it looks clean as heck.

Pioneer DJ has arranged for only 1800 total units of the CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2 to be made in the all-white edition. There will be 1200 CDJs available, 200 for the US, and 600 DJ Mixers available with 100 made for the US. They’ll be available come October so look out for those.

H/T: Magnetic Magazine | Featured Image: Dancing Astronaut

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Source: Pioneer DJ Announces Limited Edition White CDJ & DJ Mixer