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NEW: ZHU, DVBBS, Jauz, Sam Feldt + Much More – Your EDM | Week In Music

This week Spotify rebranded their flagship electronic playlist from electroNOW to mint with ZHU serving as the face of the rebrand thanks to his new stellar four-track EP stardustexhalemarrakechdream. Only fitting that he gets the spotlight as the face of our playlist with his new single “Dreams” with NERO.

Jauz also got into the act capping off what fans have been guessing was an EP of his own with strong single “Alpha.”

Sam Feldt gave us a blast from the past by infusing his patented feel-good tropical house sound with some vocals from none other than R&B legend Akon. “YES” looks like to be a late entrant for song of the summer but there’s still time for the single yet.

TokiMONSTA also got into the act with her first single of the year with funky new record “Bibimbap.” No doubt a nod to her Korean heritage.

EKALI finally made his long-awaited OWSLA debut with “Babylon” featuring Denzel Curry. A furious rap and electronic hybrid that’s sure to introduce plenty of Denzel Curry’s fa..

Trump’s Entire Arts and Humanities Committee Resigns in Powerful Open Letter

President Donald Trump‘s entire Arts and the Humanities committee has resigned in direct response to his handling of the Charlottesville, NC unrest…

In a powerful letter addressed to the president, the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities (PCAH) said: “Speaking truth to power is never easy, Mr. President. But it is our role as commissioners on the PCAH to do so. Art is about inclusion. The Humanities include a vibrant free press. You have attacked both.”

According to The White House, Trump had already decided against renewing the executive order for the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, set to expire later this year. Nevertheless, the committee’s collective decision to resign made a huge statement.

“Ignoring your hateful rhetoric would have made us complicit in your words and actions. We took a patriotic oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

And, in an ending statement equivalent ..

V Festival Warns of Deadly “Fake” Ecstasy Making Rounds this Weekend

V Festival is urgently warning its attendees of a deadly “fake” drug found on site and asking festival goers to avoid using anything sold as ecstasy or MDMA this weekend…

Police said the drug tested at Weston Park in Staffordshire contained chemicals pentylone and N-ethylpentylone — “really serious chemicals that would have a severe adverse effect.” Nausea, vomiting, hypothermia, inability to sleep and agitation are all red flags according to the Staffordshire Police warning.

Overall, the festival has experienced a low level of crime… In its first 24 hours, 13 people were arrested for offenses including drug dealing and theft. Since then, six more drug dealers have been stopped.

“Working with partners and the event organisers, we will continue to provide an extensive and unpredictable policing operation to prevent crime of all types and keep festival-goers safe,” the Staffordshire Police Department stated.

“Remember if you see anything suspicious or are in need of help, please spea..

Pasquale Rotella Continues To Hype Up Announcement Of Changes To EDC Las Vegas

It’s been nearly two weeks since Pasquale Rotella’s last Instagram Live session, in which he divulged that more new information about EDC Las Vegas 2018 would be coming in two weeks’ time.

Yesterday, Rotella posted again to Instagram to tell his followers that he’s “been doing a lot of thinking about EDC Vegas,” and is going to make a special announcement “soon.”

There’s been plenty of speculation about what the changes will be, ranging from turning EDC into a two-weekend festival (which Rotella already denied in the last Live session), to changing venues, to changing the date to Memorial Day weekend. So far, none of these rumors have found a foothold, but we’re bound to learn the truth behind the teasers sooner than later.

It would be wise to follow Rotella and Insomniac Events on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to be the first to learn about any proposed changes.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about EDC Vegas, and I'll be making a special announcement about some big..

Selena Gomez Describes Upcoming Track with Marshmello as One of Her Favorite Songs

Selena Gomez has already earned her electronic music stripes having worked on stunning collaborations with Kygo‘s “It Ain’t Me” and Zedd‘s “I Want You To Know” — and now she’s about to be featured on a brand new song with Marshmello!

The fluffy producer first shared the exciting news to fans on Twitter about a month ago, but Gomez just confirmed it, offering up a little more insight during a radio interview with Tonya and Sonic on Energy 103.7 FM in San Diego.

“He’s so cool! It’s kind of in his world and I’m stepping into it and bringing my style, too,” the pop star described their dynamic on the track.

“It’s beautiful,” she added. “It’s one of my favorite songs.”

As for a release date, Gomez went radio silent on that one. Both artists can’t wait for fans to hear what they’ve been working on.

Listen to the interview here and look out for Marshmello x Selena Gomez coming soon!

Happy birthday @selenagomez !!! Can't wait for the world to hear what we've been working on ❤


Pendulum Sounds “Better Than Ever” Ahead of Live London Performance

The guys behind the legendary drum and bass band Pendulum have opened up about their London show reunion, and after six years they “sound better than ever before!”

Next weekend, Pendulum headlines London’s South West Four Festival for their first live appearance in the capital city since the band’s triumphant return, which kicked off at Ultra Music Festival Miami in 2016. Fans can expect an on-the-fly live performance — because along with technology, the way Pendulum performs has evolved, too.

Frontman Rob Swire told NME: “We’re completely revamping the technical side of the show, which should mean audiences are going to hear us sound better than ever before. Technology has evolved to the point that I can make changes to the band mix from my hotel room, give it to our engineer on a USB stick, and then we can play a show using that exact same mix.”

In a less serious tone, he continued: “Apart from that, they can probably expect to hear some DnB with guitars and a pasty white dude sin..

Blunts N Blondes Ends Up In Jail After Starting Mosh Pit At The Club

We’ve known clubs to discourage moshing, but this is the first time we can recall that a DJ has been arrested for being in his own pit.

Blunts N Blondes was playing at Wave Nightclub in Clearwater, FL on August 16 when the show apparently became too rowdy, and the DJ was booked at the local police department.

“Started mosh pits last night & wound up in jail for turning up too hard!” he tweeted the following day.

It’s hard to really glean the lesson here, but we’ve no doubt that a little run in with the law will keep Blunts N Blondes from continuing to mosh to his heart’s content.

Started mosh pits last night & wound up in jail for turning up too hard!

They don't want you to mosh.. BUT WE GONNA MOSH!


— Yung Blunts (@_bluntsnblondes) August 17, 2017


(Taken shortly after I jumped on top of the dj booth lol)

— Yung Blunts (@_bluntsnblondes) August 18, 2017

Ya lol

— Yung Blunts (@_blunts..

DROELOE – Sunburn (bitbird)

The prodigal sons DROELOE are back once again and better than ever. The bitbird duo has been putting out hit after hit with their future inspired sound which combines intricate writing and larger than life percussion that stands out as original, upbeat and all around catchy. This time returning with their latest single “Sunburn,” DROELOE impress with their newest single.

Featuring a heavenly top line that is infectious, not to mention abstract vocal chops and intriguing distortion of super saw lines that provides an air of something new and leaves your jaw dropped, “Sunburn” is a testament to DROELOE’s natural born talent for production. Gearing up for their new “A Moment In Time” EP, this newest song is just a taste of what’s to come from the newcomers that are taking the electronic community by storm.

Check out the track below and get ready for a whole new world of DROELOE inspired sounds with their new EP set for release on August 22nd!

This article was first published on Your ED..

Slushii Gets Hacked On SoundCloud by the Same Guy Who Hacked Carnage Days Ago

Slushii was hacked by the likes of “Quinn” aka @ZG, the same guy who apparently hacked Carnage recently…

Although it doesn’t appear that the hacker did anything super malicious, he was messing around with Slushii’s SoundCloud profile just enough for fans to notice. According to r/EDM, the hacker took over Slushii’s account, replaced his name with “Hacked by Quinn,” and uploaded a since removed meme track for good measure.

The colorful bass producer pointed out the incident to SoundCloud publicly on Twitter, hinting that “2 step verification” would prevent issues like this.

sc got hacked. sucks that u don’t have 2 step verification @SoundCloud

— slushii (@SlushiiMusic) August 19, 2017

A few days ago, when Carnage was hacked he called out “the homie” by name, giving him “props.” WTF.

by the homie @zg he's legit tho props

— CARNAGE (@djcarnage) August 17, 2017

Anyone who says “get cancer” isn’t a homie…

Get cancer @SlushiiMusic

— Quinn (@ZG) Augus..

Martin Garrix and Ed Sheeran Collab “Replay Rewind” Might Get Official Release After All

A well known and widely celebrated collaboration between Martin Garrix and Ed Sheeran, “Rewind, Repeat It,” might finally be getting an official release — and both fan bases are freaking out!

Rightfully so, considering anything Garrix touches turns to EDM gold and Sheeran has become something of a modern day pop legend, wooing everyone with his mad storytelling skills and boy-next-door attitude. This collaboration has been a long time coming after years of unreleased play, and this is the most promising news yet.

Garrix once cited “label issues and a lot of headaches” were holding up the fate of an official release, but an official ASCAP credit that recently popped up tells a different, more hopeful story.

A track called “Replay Rewind” can only be referring to the unreleased, yet already megahit song! Release that ish already!

Replay Rewind – ASCAP Credits

JUST IN: 'Rewind Repeat It' is now called as 'Replay Rewind'. Sony & BDi just listed this Martin Garrix &..