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DJ Dies Following Stage Collapse at Brazil’s Atmosphere Festival

When festivals cancel a day early or choose to close for a day in the middle of a festival, this is exactly the kind of tragedy they’re trying to avoid. This past weekend, Kalleby Freitas da Rosa, 30, was performing at Brazil’s Atmosphere Festival when the stage he was on collapsed due to extreme weather conditions – the forecast predicted “gale-force winds, and torrential rain.”

de Rosa was rushed to the hospital with head injuries, but died on arrival. Three others were injured in the collapse.

Atmosphere Festival was apparently warned of the weather conditions prior to the event and chose to still go on as planned. An investigation has been launched to determine culpability.

Atmosphere Festival issued a statement via Facebook yesterday evening:

“We always cherish the security of our audience, following all the processes, reports and authorisations requested by the local authorities. And to our audience we will keep them informed of all our actions to keep the truth about the fac..

Ekali Clears The Air After Ghastly Calls Him A “POS” That Can’t Be Trusted

Don’t expect Ekali and Ghastly to be collaborating anytime soon, or ever for that matter…

In a recent tweet, Ghastly shook things up when he called out Ekali as a “piece of shit” that the dance music industry shouldn’t trust. It’s not just him though, Ghastly claims at least 15 other DJs also stand by his views on Ekali.

“Here’s a tiny hint of reason – he will fuck the people you love,” Ghastly opened up in his since deleted tweets. “He has hurt and destroyed more relationships than I even realized, he deserves to be called out – I’m still technically not saying exactly who but he deserves any karma he receives.”

Now, we have an answer back from Ekali on the matter, which seems to be related to a mutual love interest. There’s always another side to the story, and Ekali paints a very different picture of himself.

“I hate that this shit needs to be aired out publicly,” he explains in the comment below via r/trap. Read the full comment below.

Ekali Responds to Ghastly

Talked a bit a..

Steve Aoki & Lil Uzi Vert Team Up For ‘Smoke My Dope’

Last week, Migos and Marshmello grabbed all the headlines for “Danger” their brand new collaboration on the soundtrack for the forthcoming winter blockbuster Bright. Not to be missed on what’s turned into a star-studded movie soundtrack is this collaboration between Steve Aoki & Lil Uzi Vert, “Smoke My Dope.”

The record features Lil Uzi Vert spitting some massive fire over some even bigger beats from Steve Aoki. It’s not the first time that the two of them have teamed up and the chemistry is certainly there.

Stream it below and get ready for Bright which will be available worldwide on Netflix on December 22nd.

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Source: Steve Aoki & Lil Uzi Vert Team Up For ‘Smoke My Dope’

Armin van Buuren Ends 2017 With Massive Two-Hour ASOT Mix

For trance fans there’s probably no better way to end the year than with this massive new A State of Trance mix by Armin van Buuren. Featuring 107 songs, the mix is van Buuren’s 2017 Year Mix so expect the best in trance for this year.

As expected there are plenty of gems to be found in the mix for trance fans. Chock full of cuts from Armin van Buuren’s own Armada label to records by Seven Lions, Gareth Emery, Above & Beyond, deadmau5 and more you can be sure that there’s something for everybody in this wonderful two-hour mix.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut | Featured Image: Rukes

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Armin van Buuren Ends 2017 With Massive Two-Hour ASOT Mix

Dreamscape Music Festival Announces Huge Step Back in 2018

Dreamscape music festival is calling it quits, at least for now. The electric music focused music & art festival in Darlington, MD, which hosted Chris Lake, Delta Heavy, Destructo, Keys N Krates, TroyBoi and many more this year announces its decision to take a step back in 2018.

The official statement addresses the festival’s adoring fans as Dreamers:

It’s been an amazing three years, but we want to put all of our efforts into Big Dub and Nightmare next year, as well as all of the incredible club nights and parties we have planned. Please understand this is not a ‘farewell’, it’s more of a ‘see you soon’. Let’s cherish all of the magnificent memories we made at Dreamscape, and if, or when we decide to do it again, you’ll be the first to know!

It’s never easy, making the tough decision to not move forward and progress with a music event that’s built up over the years. However, in this case it sounds like Dreamscape has its priorities in order — and that’s to bring its fans the best q..

Why Is Skrillex Meeting with Kanye West, Scooter Braun & Off-White’s Virgil Abloh?

The one and only Kanye West, famed talent manager Scooter Braun, fashion designer Virgil Abloh and electronic music’s most in-demand producer Skrillex all got together recently and the photo below is a story in itself.

“Some moments you don’t forget. Inspired.” Scooter shared on Instagram, with a nod to Skirllex who took the photo, “because life is awesome.”

Also pictured below are the “Rolexes” of shoe design — Kanye West’s YEEZYs and Off-White’s Nike collab. Some speculate the “shoe-fie” below reveals the first 700 V2 or the all-new 600 model. The shoe certainly knows its good side, pictured with a 700 white, grey and taupe hues.

Are we looking at a new design in the works? And where does Skrillex come into play? Who really knows when it’s Kanye West we’re talking. One thing is for sure, this is going to be a collaboration to pay attention to.

Skrillex Takes Photo For Kanye West

Some moments you don’t forget. Inspired. #kanye @virgilabloh #realtalks #thepursuit. by @skrillex be..

Flume Just Teased Unreleased Music For Climate Change Awarness

Flume‘s productions seem to take on a sound, look, and feel like real, tangible lifeforms of a rare breed. Another very real thing is climate change, and it’s jeopardizing a rare natural phenomenon — the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia. So it’s no wonder Flume is now using his platform to bring awareness to the changes happening on our planet, directly through his art.

In collaboration with Greenpeace, Flume captures the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and perfectly explains why we must fight to save these precious treasures, these wonders of our world.

Greenpeace vows to “never stop fighting for a greener, healthier world for our oceans, forests, food, climate, and democracy” — no matter what force may stand in its way. Flume’s music, a force in it’s own right, helps take that message a step further with this unreleased track in the video below.

With a production to match the breathtaking shots of the Great Barrier Reef, it’s incredible to ..

Norway Makes Huge Step Toward Decriminalizing Illegal Drugs

Welp, it’s time to pack up and move to Norway!

Illegal drugs could soon be decriminalized thanks to a recent vote by the Norwegian Parliament.

Four of nine parties were in favor of the new act: The Labor Party, Socialist Left, Conservatives and Liberals. The majority voted to support the movement, in an 133 out of 175 overall vote.

The Parliament emphasized a goal to make thoughtful change to the system by avoiding the criminalization of drug users, or even those addicted to illegal substances.

While illegal drugs would indeed still be illegal under the new regulations, the users and/or addicts would be offered rehabilitation instead of jail time for related offenses.

Let’s hope this forward way of thinking works out for the best.

Source: MixMag

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Norway Makes Huge Step Toward Decriminalizing Illegal Drugs

Check Out This Remix of The Star Wars Theme

John William’s Star Wars soundtrack contains some of the most recognizable movie-scores of all time. And with the latest episode hitting cinemas earlier this week it felt like a good time to share this banging remix of “The Force Theme” by Far Out.

The track’s already gained the approval of notable YouTube powerhouse Trap Nation, which is really as good an endorsement you can get. Somehow, Far Out turn the song into an even more epic, thematic piece with furious drums and a killer drop.

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Check Out This Remix of The Star Wars Theme

18-Year-Old Festival Goer Dies After Tripping At Knockout Circuz

This really sucks. An 18-year-old man attending Knockout Circuz, a music festival in Sydney, Australia, has died after tripping. We’re not talking LSD or any other type of psychedelic — he literally tripped.

The festival goer was reportedly running when he tripped over the feet of others and fell to the ground. According to police, head injuries from the abrupt fall were the cause of death.

As the man drifted in and out of consciousness, he “became violent” with security professionals who were trying to help. He later passed away at a nearby hospital, about 2.5 hours after the trip.

The incident is under review by a critical incident team to determine what exactly led up to the fall and death of the young music festival attendee.

Knockout Circuz searched a total of 298 people and there were a total of 55 charges for possession of drugs. Five people were arrested in connection with MDMA, two of which were 17-year-old girls and one of which who was found with 379 capsules.

In some w..